A platform for better patient engagement

A platform for better patient engagement

Seamless access to patient data

Patients’ data uploaded to cHEART will provide you faster access to their medical records as it eliminates the need to transfer their records manually from other systems. This enables you to make better and faster assessment of a patient’s health condition.

Compatible with your CMS (Clinic Management System) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

Please note that cHEART is not meant to replace your current system. cHEART is an API-ready platform that could be integrated to your system, creating a seamless access to your patients’ data.

Customised features

cHEART can be customised to suit your requirements. Customisation can be done for, among others, booking appointment, drugs inventory, payment systems etc. It can also be used for your brand positioning where patients can download cHEART bearing your logo.

Data analytics

Having insights into your patients’ data will help your organisation to have a better patient management and engagement plan with potentially, cost reduction in IT system investment and human resources.