About cHEART

About cHEART

cHEART was inspired by a harrowing experience one of our team members had to go through when a close family member was diagnosed with cancer.Living in a small town, they had to take frequent trips to a hospital for check-ups and this was a half-day event.  Two hours traveling to-and-fro and another two hours (or more) waiting and meeting the doctor.

The inspiring moment came when they had to travel to the hospital just to pick-up medical reports so the case can be referred to the General Hospital in the capital city. Thinking that there should be a better way to managing patients’ records, our team member tossed the idea around and we decided to do something about it simply because there are many people out there who must have been going through the same experience, and the least we could do is to help them managing their medical records in a more efficient way.

cHEART is a personalised healthcare app that allows you to keep your medical data securely using blockchain technology, and manage your own health data to improve your health & well-being.

cHEART is developed with the aim to provide people like you and me to have access to our own medical records and health data so that we are empowered to take charge of our own health & well being. We wish that anyone should be able to easily retrieve our own data, and be able to share with our loved ones, which can be life saving.


We built cHEART on blockchain technology to make sure your data remains secure & private. You have full control of your data. No one can do anything with your data without your consent.


cHEART (see-haat) is taken from the word ‘sihat’ in Malay language which means healthy or health.


cHEART is developed and owned by DATA8 Sdn Bhd, a technology company focusing in healthcare.

We hope cHEART delivers that to you.

The brand

cHEART is a play on words of ‘sihat’, a Malaysian language which means healthy.  So, we find it fitting to play with the word ‘sihat’ by spelling it as cHEART to jazz it up while maintaining the same sound when pronouncing it.

The logo is shaped like a pill to indicate that cHEART is THE solution (or the ‘pill’) for the issues surrounding patients’ medical data.

cHEART’s colour palette is led by the primary blue to carry the message that cHEART is reliable, secure and trustworthy.  The secondary colour, pink is a reference to ‘in the pink’ to indicate one’s healthy state of being. The colour white signifies our belief that the approach to healthcare should be patient-centric and cHEART is our way to make that happens.

cHEART is written in bold upper case to reflect our mission to empower patients to take control of their medical record.

How does cHEART add value to you?


cHEART allows you to digitally access your own medical records and share with your doctor and other trusted health partners privately & securely using blockchain technology.

cHEART also have features that allow secure online communication between you and your doctor so that consultation can be done anywhere, anytime.

Through cHEART, we aim to provide access to health services beyond geographical boundaries, especially those in the underserved areas.


Benefits for users

No more waiting
Get consultation with your doctor at a time convenient to you. No travelling and waiting required.
Keep your own medical record

Keep your own medical records so you could access, view and share them with your doctors. Especially useful during emergency and seeking second opinion.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

This is especially useful if you have difficulty accessing quality healthcare due to your remote location.